Full Effect Promo offers PR services for both artists and labels to help get your releases into the hands of DJ's, Radio, Magazines, Websites, Blogs, and YouTube channels . Whether you have one release a month or one every six months, we can offer you per-release services to promote your upcoming campaigns.

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Press Releases Write-up:

We will provide you with a professional press release for inclusion with your mailout to various magazine, radio, websites and blogs. Press releases are key for many reviewers to pluck necessary information from, as well as for many websites that do not have dedicated writers and simply copy the information provided to them.

Promo Mailouts

Sending out advance promos to all the DJs and labels in your network can be tedious to say the least. Trying to get your releases into the hands of DJs and labels outside of your immediate network can be almost impossible. Using FATdrop promo delivery system, we can send your release out to hundreds of contacts from DJs to Blogs, Websites, Radio, Magazines, and YouTube channels including contacts such as Mixmag, DJ Mag, BBC 1Xtra, XFM, Kane FM, LessThan3, Kmag,,, UKF, Liquicity, and many more.

Currently, we offer a three-tiered pricing structure for mailouts based on your needs:
1) DJ mailout
2) DJ Mailout + Press Contacts
3) DJ Mailout + Press Contacts + Press Release Write-up.
At the end of the campaign you will receive a PDF report showing you who downloaded the release, number of sent/downloaded, comments, ratings, and feedback.

Artist/Label Biographies & Press Packs

The artist/label biography is often the bane of many pages. Phrases like “as we roll into 2007” are an instant red flag of an outdated bio. We can write you a new bio from scratch or give your existing bio a makeover and update. This can also be included with your mailout if you wish.

For further prices, info or questions please contact Tim @ Full Effect Promo