L Plus - Priceless EP [Technique]

Since L Plus signed to Technique he’s become a fixture of the global drum and bass scene. His remixes, including his recent rework of Ray Foxx’s Boom Boom, are spun as standard on Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He’s in demand as a DJ, tearing up festivals across Europe this summer. And, of course, he’s constantly killing it with his releases, so expect more murderation from the “Priceless EP”.

L Plus gets us straight into the midst of the action with The Price, already dropped on Radio 1. A spit-along vocal sample, funkstep bass and ultra-clean drum programming combine to deliver an urgent introduction to the EP.

L Plus throws a curve-ball into the mix next with Generation. Jungle drums and atmospheric riffs create a lighters-in-the-air intro. Then the musicality that he can flex comes to the fore with a drop that maintains low-end drive while still delivering floating textures across the rest of the spectrum.

Next, we enter the trademark L Plus realm of Heart Breaking. He twists together influences as diverse as R&B and house with old and new skool sounds making something unique. If you had any doubt that he brings something special to the table, it’s tracks like this that settle the argument.

Finally, this EP has one more trick up its sleeve, with Rock That B. Here, L Plus shows off his compositional skill as high-energy riffs, beats and bass work together to create another facet of his unique style. And not only can he deliver a tune, he shows off the production chops needed to keep this musical behemoth heavy and crisp for the dancefloor.

As he always does, L Plus shows he isn’t constrained by how other people do D&B. He’s got the musical and technical ability to do something a bit different, so he does. If you haven’t tuned in to this man’s work, then it’s about time.

L Plus
'Priceless EP'
1. The Price
2. Generation
3. Heart Breaking
4. Rock That B

Label: Technique Recordings
Cat: TECH098
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 22nd Sept. 2013
iTunes: http://bit.ly/14p7Lzo


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(press release writeup by Recharged Media Limited)

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