DJ Yox - Parametrik EP [Philosophy]

Having just come off winning the 2DB - 'Original Sound System Style' remix competition on Bassline Smith's Technique Recordings,  French jump-up connoisseur, DJ Yox is now back with his new 'Parametrik EP' on Cyprus-based label, Philosophy Recordings.

The EP kicks off with the title track 'Parametrik' and starts off with lush and spacy pads, as if floating in space. Slowly but surely the tension builds and extends over the break, which reminds one of alarms going off in a spaceship, right before kicking into hyperspeed! Mental and crazy switchups are at play when this monster thunders through the speakers.

Next up is 'Last Escape' which doesn’t leave room to take a breather as it is another floor stomper. As the harmonic percussion and dissonant bleeps set the tempo, the synths are working their way towards a drop filled with synth driven mayhem… while suddenly, an unexpected switch! The triplet switchup will create more adrenaline than you can handle.

The third track is definitely something else and is sure the make the EP stand out in the shops. With an uplifting and almost happy hardcore like feeling to it, we are served ‘Keep Smiling’, a joyous exploration of modern drum & bass that is sure to make you smile on the floor. Everything about this tune is positive and uplifting, but fits right into today's set of the adventurous jump up and DNB DJ. A brilliant show of DJ Yox's craftsmanship and a testimony to his originality.

The last track is a DJ Panik remix of a track heavily supported by the mighty Crissy Criss, titled 'Red Eye'. After a long atmospheric intro, the synths come in showing why DJ Yox and Panik made such a good duo on their previous collaboration tracks. Melodic and creative, riff after riff storms through the speakers, as if DJ Panik is trying to deliberately instill a sense of disarray in the crowd. Heavy on the modern talking and laser blasts, this one surely is a crowd pleaser. Pure fire by DJ Panik!

DJ Yox
Parametrik EP
1. Parametrik
2. The Last Escape
3. Keep Smiling
4. Redeye (DJ Panik Remix)

Label: Philosophy Recordings
Cat# PHIL036
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 9th Sept. 2013

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