Limitless Recordings - Access LP (Various Artists)

It all started with a simple YouTube channel, Liquid Musick. A platform for upcoming drum & bass talent to introduce their music to a bigger audience, Liquid Musick gained more than 35,000 subscribers and over 6 million views. After actively working in the drum and bass scene and getting in touch with several upcoming talents, it was just a matter of time to take this project to the next step. Now with the launch of the channels own label, Limitless Recordings ready to go, the fruits of that work have finally paid off in the form of the 'Access' LP. Focusing on the liquid and soulful sounds of drum and bass, Limitless Recordings goal is to work with the freshest talents and help them take the next step in their carerrinto a remarkable music career.

Various Artists
'Access LP'
01. Hugh Hardie - Tearing Me Apart (ft. Kyan Kuatois)
02. Loz Contreras - Favela Stories
03. N4M3 - In The Midnight
04. Submatik - Silent Stranger (ft. Charli Brix)
05. Phase - Walk Alone
06. SNAP & Koil - Don’t Let Me Go (ft. Nina Davis)
07. Fliwo - Keep Holding On (ft. Katie’s Ambition)
08. Subformat - City Lights
09. NCT & Changing Faces - Rain Beyond The Sun
10. Anth M - Time Of The Season
11. Hosta - Into The Unknown
12. Keeno - Painted
13. Gavin G - Desire
14. Credit - Hearts & Minds
15. Dualistic - Ecstatic
16. Soular Order - Blueprints
17. Systemik - DMT VIP

Label: Limitless Recordings
Cat # NZT001
Genre: Liquid Drum & Bass
Released: 4th Sept. 2013

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