Rregula - In The Weeds EP [Radd Dope Kings]

Australia's Rregula has upped his production game on this, the first release of his new label Radd Dope Kings. The 'In the Weeds EP' consists of four Drum and Bass tracks that range from twisted neuro, to deep and dark rollers, and finishes off with a Drumstep barnburner.

'In the Weeds' is a technical roller with a twist of funk that packs plenty of heft. Heaps of edits make it fun to mix. 'Lustre' is the production gem on this EP. Drums on point and warm mids pulse along with this invaluable mix tool. 'Eschewbacca' is what you would get if put R2D2 on acid and made him make baselines for the dark side. Edits sound like droids throwing up! Lastly, we have 'Astronuts'. It's beefy Drumstep on steroids...space steroids powered by the sun.

In The Weeds EP
1. In The Weeds
2. Lustre
3. Eschewbacca
4. Astronuts

Label: Radd Dope Kings
Cat # RDK001
Genre: Drum & Bass
Beatport Release: 9th Aug 2013


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