Spectrem - Supernova EP [Technique]

Label bosses Drumsound and Bassline Smith have done it again. On their mission to bring through the freshest D&B talent from all over the world, they’ve found another winner. This time it’s a twenty-year old production prodigy from Perth, Western Australia who goes by the name of Spectrem.

For his debut Technique release, Spectrem has put together four tracks to show the multiple interlocking pieces that make up his style. First up, the title track, Supernova, combines crisp, clean production with sci-fi riffs and an off-kilter chord progression that reveals the musicality at the heart of this artist.

That musicality comes to the fore with the next track, Trust, a collaboration with fellow-Ozzie Spillage. This is where Spectrem’s soulful side comes out. Haunting strings and a laid-back vocal provide a counterpoint to rolling drums to provide an essential dose of late-night liquid.

While you’re in the mood for soul, Spectrem delivers another injection with Mind’s Eye, although this time with a twist. An uplifting piano sequence and gentle ethereal pads swirl around the rhythm and bass to add a mid-nineties atmospheric vibe.

Just in case you thought that you’d heard everything this guy has to offer, he flips it again with the final track, Catch Me if You Can. With his now-trademark soulful flavour intact, Spectrem adds in some punch from Beckon on the mic before unleashing the grime with a dangerously raw drop.

Over these four tracks, Spectrem shows exactly what he can do. From pure soul and atmosphere to grit and toughness, he demonstrates that his moniker isn’t false advertising: he’s got the full spectrum covered. Now that this artist is signed to Technique, you know you’d better watch out.

Supernova EP
1. Supernova
2. Trust (Spectrem & Spillage)
3. Minds Eye
4. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Beckon)

Label: Technique Recordings
Cat: TECH097
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 11th Aug. 2013
iTunes: http://bit.ly/SpecSuperEP
Technique Shop: http://bit.ly/SpecTechEP


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