Mefjus - Double Tap EP [Trust In Music]

The name Mefjus is currently dealt like a code for awesomeness in the drum and bass scene. It seems like pretty much everyone has heard the word on the street – Mefjus is a prodigy of drum and bass that you cannot await for the next production to surface. And this time you can believe the hype, whatever discipline of drum and bass – Mefjus masters them all. Sound design and songwriting, originality and suspense – it’s all here.

‘Double Tap’
Kicking things off, the title track ‘Double Tap’ opens with big movie score intro and rolls out with great drums after the drop. The bass stabs gave the track its name - two well-aimed shots are fired at the same target with very little time in between, in this case bass stabs shots that hit the dancefloor hard.

A more experimental rhythm making use of triplets, ‘Bilateral’ combines fresh and unique sounds. As the title suggests, this one is strictly for the heads.

‘Dogs and Frogs’
The title hints at the state of mind that music is made here, all for fun and not for study – or does it refer to the huge sounds that croak from the speakers? If you prefer dance to it like a dog and jump like a frog, in any case this one is another dancefloor sureshot straight from the jungle.

‘Out of Scale’ (Mefjus Remix)
Closing out the EP with a bang. The orginal by Wintermute was released on Trust in Music sister label ‘Katakis’. The rework convinces with an original drumbeat, the trademark Mefjus ‘high pitched snare’ and lots of switches – all built around this twisted winding lead sound that is known so well from the original.

1. Double Tap
2. Bilateral
3. Dogs and Frogs
4. Wintermute – Out Of Scale (Mefjus Remix)

Label: Trust In Music
Cat # TRIM036
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 10th September 2012

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