Feint - Horizons EP [Subsphere]

One of the most exciting new labels to break on to the drum and bass scene, Subsphere Records has quickly become a byword for the best rolling, melody infused DnB around. Set up in 2011 by Moleman, after only two releases Subsphere has already gained a reputation for delivering expertly crafted, atmospheric liquid drum and bass.

Now, for only its third release, Subsphere joins forces with Manchester-based producer Andy Hu, aka Feint. One of DnB’s rapidly rising stars, Feint is now ready to drop his most anticipated release to date, the ‘Horizons EP’. Known for his unique ability to combine uplifting melodies with floor-trembling bass, Feint has already built up a dedicated fanbase across the globe, with over 70,000 subscribers on his own personal YouTube alone. Meanwhile the title track, ‘Horizons’ has already racked up an astounding half million views pre-release between Feint’s own channel and Liquicity, with fans clambering, “shut up and take my money!” in anticipation of the release. Featuring the vocal talents of  accomplished singer Veela who has collaborated with the likes of Cold Blank, Ephixa and Blackmill, alongside remixes from Stan SB, Bustre and Moleman, the anthemic ‘Horizons’ confirms Subsphere and Feint’s place at the top of the liquid spectrum.

‘Horizons feat. Veela’
Featuring the ethereal vocal talents of Veela, combined with the production skill of Feint, it’s easy to see why ‘Horizons’ is the most anticipated single yet from the rising producer. Rich with atmosphere, the title track is dominated by uplifting pads, sublime vocals and a powerful, submerged bass. Simply put, ‘Horizons’ is the perfect blend of melody and brute force – with the honey-like vocals of Veela on top.

‘Horizons feat. Veela (Moleman Remix)’
Label boss Charlie Cox, aka Moleman steps up to deliver this stunning rework. Taking things to an even more chilled plain, Moleman keeps the angelic vocals of Veela whilst adding luscious piano lines and a subtle sub bass. Featuring intricate percussion, delicate melodies and warm bass, Moleman once again shows his talent at an incredible 19
years of age.

‘Horizons feat. Veela (Stan SB Remix)’
Stan SB makes his first official release on this remix that keeps the character of the original whilst crafting it for the dancefloor. Far from being a newcomer, a quick YouTube search will show a massive following of the Liquicity star, with over 2 million views on his previously released free tracks. Beginning with a stripped back introduction, this remix takes the iconic vocals of Veela and combines them with a large helping of high energy, dancefloor DnB. Featuring galloping drums, an epic sounding bassline and electro tinged effects – watch out for the half-time section!

‘Horizons feat. Veela (Bustre Remix)’
The EP is rounded off by a remix from Bustre. After an introduction packed with anticipation, delicate keys and swirling vocals, Bustre’s take on ‘Horizons’ builds into a number designed for the club. Boasting a huge sounding bassline, hard-hitting drums and a switch up after the half-way point, Bustre puts his unique, futuristic spin on an already great track.

1. Horizons (feat. Veela)
2. Horizons (Moleman Remix)
3. Horizons (Stan SB Remix)
4. Horizons (Bustre Remix)

Label: Subsphere Records
Cat # SUBS003
Genre: Drum & Bass
Beatport Exclusive: 5th August 2012
Released: 19th August 2012
Pre-Order: http://subsphererecords.bandcamp.com/album/feint-horizons-ep

Feint Online: www.facebook.com/feintDnB | www.youtube.com/FeintDnB | http://soundcloud.com/feintdnb
Subsphere Online: www.facebook.com/SubsphereRecords | www.youtube.com/SubSphereRecords | http://soundcloud.com/subsphererecords

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