Dubba Jonny - No Stopping EP [Liyan]

Since his debut in 2009, Dubba Jonny has already experienced an unprecedented rise in the dubstep scene. In three short years, the Bournemouth based producer has set himself apart from the rest, while his energetic sets and high octane production have earned him fans worldwide. The dynamic producer has also made his mark online with his videos routinely clocking up over a million views on YouTube, including ‘A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep Production’ on UKF which is closing in on a whopping 5 million plays!

Having been featured three years in a row on the ever-popular UKF Dubstep compilations, Dubba Jonny has quickly established himself as one of Dubstep’s household names. In addition to remixing for the likes of Bob Marley and William Shatner (yes, Captain Kirk!), the rising dubstep star has also achieved chart success in his own right with the track, ‘All In’ hitting #1 on the Juno, as well as ‘Never Judge An EP By Its Cover’ rising to #2 on Beatport’s Dubstep Releases chart. Now set to take his sound to the next level, Dubba Jonny is set to drop the ‘No Stopping EP’ on his very own Liyan Records imprint. Featuring 5 tracks of the most innovative dubstep, The ‘No Stopping EP’ is yet another exciting chapter in Dubba Jonny’s relentless rise.

‘No Stopping’
Beginning with haunting, reversed synths and echoing piano keys, the title track to this varied EP piles the anticipation with a slick vocal and ravey chords leading to an epic drop. A rollercoaster of grimey, expertly crafted sounds, ‘No Stopping’ boasts soaring synths, dark descending bass notes, retro-tinged bleeps and everything in between. A statement of intent at 140bpm, ‘No Stopping’ is the motto for a producer that can do no wrong.

‘Eyes Off’
Featuring reverb soaked drums, ‘Eyes Off’ lulls the dancefloor into a false sense of security. Packing in retro, trance style stabs, ‘Eyes Off’ drop pulls the dancefloor from beneath you. After the euphoric intro, textured rising synths and mosh inducing switch-ups dominate proceedings, smashing all that went before. Featuring a switch that is sure to make the dancefloor lose it, ‘Eyes Off’ is already doing the business in Dubba Jonny’s high-octane sets.

‘Rinseout’ (feat. Maksim & MC Skydro)
The Bournemouth producer once again bring the attitude with ‘Rinseout’, showcasing yet another facet to his versatile production. Featuring the lyrical talents of Maksim and MC Skydro, ‘Rinseout’ combines the intricate detail of the renowned producers production with red-hot delivery of a pair of lyricists at the top of their game. Boasting time signature changes, sick vocals and Dubba Jonny’s signature bass, ‘Rinseout’ brings the UK grime-tinged vibes.

Another tour de force from Dubba Jonny, ‘Stay’ is the perfect balance of euphoria and filth. Featuring deep synths that wash over the crowd and a crisp, instantly recognizable vocal, ‘Stay’ lurches into a patchwork of filthy, barking bass and euphoric, rising synths. Seemingly able to catch emotion whilst sounding downright rude, words like ‘massive’ and ‘epic’ don’t quite do this one justice.

‘Always’ rounds off the staggering ‘No Stopping EP’, and shows the versatility of a producer stamping his authority on the crowded dubstep scene. Moving away from the traditional high-octane style, ‘Always’ kicks things down a notch, featuring chilled, crisp synths and submerged bass combined with a strong vocal sample. Just as accomplished in its own right, the track shows Dubba Jonny’s versatility and production skills in equal measure.

1. No Stopping
2. Eyes Off
3. Rinseout (feat. Maksim & MC Skydro)
4. Stay
5. Always

Label: Liyan Records
Cat # LIYAN003
Genre: Dubstep
Released: 25th June 2012


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