Rregula - The Barramundi Experiment LP [Climate]

Already a well-known fixture in the Australian bass music scene, Perth-born Rregula is swiftly putting his mark on the rest of the world. After first meddling with an Akai sampler to drop film samples in songs in his metal band, The Dirty Whittler, Rregula soon found himself as one half of Bad Robot in 2003, a monster collaboration with future Technique and Viper superstar, Phetsta.

Now on the verge of unleashing his highly anticipated debut LP on Climate Recordings, Rregula presents the second installment of ‘The Barramundi Experiment’. Coming in at over 30 tunes deep, ‘The Barramundi Experiment’ promises cutting edge bass music in a variety of styles, including halftime and drumstep. After the launch of the eagerly anticipated sampler, which featured the flowing ‘Let It Go’, and the rowdy, stomping beats of ‘Arrival’, Rregula is ready to unleash another dose of his signature take on dnb and drumstep. Featuring four tracks of intricate, energetic bass music, ‘The Barramundi Experiment’ EP cements Rregula’s position as one of the most prolific, energy infused producers on the scene.

‘Divide By Squid’
Featuring a bold synth and plenty of atmosphere, the high-octane ‘Divide By Squid’ is another unique example of Rregula’s unconventional style. Featuring expertly crafted drums and a bassline that squelches with character, ‘Divide by Squid’ has an infectious rhythm and is sure to be instantly recognizable on the dancefloor.

A rowdy, neurofunk number with all the hallmarks of Rregula’s innovative production. Beginning with an expansive intro, ‘Bunyip’ launches into a chattering, intricate drumbeat featuring tribal drums complete with low churning synth and sparkling sound effects. A full fat caffeine-infused dose of bass music.

‘The Barramundi Experiment’
After an introduction full of atmosphere and promise, ‘The Barramundi Experiment’ launches into a half-time monster. Another example of Rregula’s versatility as a producer, ‘Barramundi’ sees a drum pattern full of attitude combined with a face-melting bassline. Full of huge bass, innovative beats and plenty of crafty edits, ‘The Barramundi Experiment’ is track purpose-built for the dancefloor.

Rounding off the EP is ‘Zonk’, another drumstep number. Sporting a relentless, machinegun like synthesizer, ‘Zonk’ pummels the listener with harsh, bold synth stabs dominating. Featuring time signature changes, a multitude of synths, and legendary attention to detail, ‘Zonk’ ends the EP in style.

‘The Barramundi Experiment’
A1. ‘Divide by Squid’
A2. ‘Bunyip’
B1. ‘The Barramundi Experiment’
B2. ‘Zonk’

Label: Climate Recordings
Format: 12” Vinyl EP, CD & Digital
Vinyl: 12th March 2012
CD: 26th March 2012
Digital: 4th April 2012


1.01 Zonk!
1.02 Let It Go
1.03 Divide By Squid
1.04 The Night
1.05 Dugong Rollout
1.06 Bunyip
1.07 Crab Station
1.08 Got Sharks
1.09 Reef Teeth
1.10 Sea Creature
1.11 Sky Monkey
1.12 Junk Trunk
1.13 Eyes Turn White
1.14 Blue Screen Scream
1.15 Torn 2 feat. Mastermynd
1.16 Reptile Dance feat. NME Click

2.01 Vacuum Tube
2.02 Arrival
2.03 The Barramundi Experiment
2.04 Survive
2.05 Halftime
2.06 Deluge
2.07 Monkey Eating Monkey
2.08 Out Of Luck
2.09 Epoch
2.10 Out Transmission
2.11 Snap It Off
2.12 White Cat
2.13 Business Weekly
2.14 Daryl

Vinyl & CD available from Triple Vision: http://www.triplevision.nl/release/CLIMATE009/
Digital Download available from Juno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-barramundi-experiment/1917508-02/


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