Squash - Divine EP [Cue Recordings]

Ever since its creation a little over a year ago, Cue Recordings has enjoyed quick growth and success in the drum and bass scene. With Tommy Dub at its helm, the Australian label has been turning heads on the other side of the world, with their first two releases from renowned producers Fred V and Grafix receiving Radio1 and 1Xtra play, as well as a long stint in the prestigious Beatport top 20.

Cue Recordings now look to build upon their success with the release of the Divine EP, the latest effort by rising star, Squash. After hearing DJ Hype’s “Jungle is Massive” CD whilst skating, Squash was inspired to make Drum and Bass, and after two years and releases on both Intrigue and Diverse Product, he has emerged from the studio with his debut EP on Cue Recordings. Boasting 4 slick, soulful tracks, the Divine EP has already destroyed dancefloors throughout the globe, with tracks included in sets from Netsky, Brookes Brothers, Danny Byrd and Radio1 presenter Crissy Criss.

Beginning with a chilled ambience and wondering synths, this track quickly builds into a nostalgic roller. A sumptuous reggae vocal is combined with a low pulsing sub-bass providing an energy and groove that has already made the track a hit with the DnB scenes biggest names. A hark back to DnB’s roots with the advantage of Squash’s cutting edge production, Divine’s dub tinged beats are already tearing up dancefloors across the world.

Squash - Squeak by cuerecordings

Starting with a soft, wandering synth and subtle percussion, this track shows off Squash’s high level of production. The track builds in a way reminiscent of Camo & Krooked’s best work and finally drops with an infectious main theme. A slick bassline and catchy melody ensures this contagious track will get the dancefloor moving, whilst Squash’s precise attention to detail means it’s also a joy to listen to at home.

Squash - Mind blank by cuerecordings

‘Mind Blank’
Mind Blank shows yet another side to Squash’s production skills. Featuring an airy synth and euphoric melody this track is a “hands in the air” anthem from the get go. As the track builds into an accomplished roller, the introduction of a unique sounding synth and grotty yet smooth bassline keep things interesting and add variation to the track. With its iconic chords and anthemic intro, expect to be putting your hands up for Mind Blank in every set!

Squash - Wipper Stepper by cuerecordings

‘Wipper Stepper’
Wipper Stepper begins with an eastern sounding synth, which soon makes way for another instantly recognisable melody. Squash combines the already iconic synth ridd with a subtle, yet ever present bassline, adding dimension and punch to the already energetic track. Boasting the same high levels of production as the other tracks on the EP, Wipper Stepper features a variety of precise sounds which add a depth and slickness that is constant thread in Squash’s latest EP.

Divine EP
Cue Recordings
Vinyl Promo: 23rd Sept 2011
Full Release: 26th September 2011
12” Vinyl & Digital EP

01. Divine
02. Squeak
03. Mind Blank
04. Wipper Stepper

Chemical: http://bit.ly/pJIC4H
Redeye: http://bit.ly/n28Z70
Juno: http://bit.ly/okUf72
Nu-Urban: http://bit.ly/qtPPap
DNB Source: http://bit.ly/oJDCe3

Beatport: http://bit.ly/ns4IRt
Trackitdown: http://bit.ly/oQCS6R
DNB Arena: http://bit.ly/pD2NXX
Juno Download: http://bit.ly/pfLIo0
iTunes: http://bit.ly/odPVff


For more info contact: Tim @ Full Effect

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