Shimon - Complete Discography

Since 1994 Shimon has done nothing but write anthem, after anthem, after anthem. Whether solo or as part of the monstrous Ram Trilogy alongside Ant Miles & Andy C, Shimon's discography reads like the history of Drum & Bass. From Ram Records classics such as 'The Predator', 'Night Flight', 'Quest', 'Beastman', 'Skirmish', 'The Shadow Knows', and of course the legendary 'Body Rock'. To Ram Trilogy anthems such as 'No Reality', 'Terminal 1', 'Chase Scene', 'Gridlok', 'Titan', 'Screamer'. and countless others, Shimon has literally done it all and defined a genre.

That is not even to mention countless other collaborations, and remixes such as: 'Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)', 'Capone - Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix)', 'Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)', 'Shimon & Moving Fusion - Mysterons', 'Ant Miles & Shimon - Erazerhead', and 'Screamer VIP'. As well as modern classics on his own AudioPorn imprint such as: 'Humanism', 'Slipstream', 'The Smoker', and 'Vengeance'.

Such a rich discography spanning well over 100 tunes is hard to take in all at once, and even Shimon himself would admit to forgetting some of the names of them. But there is no denying his contribution to a genre which owes him a debt of thanks for the legacy he will one day leave behind.

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